Po Pierwsze
Po Pierwsze is a new restaurant born from the formerly know Kwestia Czasu (Question of time) after the separation of the partners. With a new project in her hands the owner of the restaurant solicited our help to create a visual identity for her new adventure.
With the recent split between the partners, some of them kept ownership of the former restaurant's name while our client gain the possession of the space. We therefore had to start a new brand from scratches. The primary goal was to overcome the break up and create something better than the former venue.
Along with that, the difficulties encountered by the restaurant industry during the 2020 Covid 19 crisis was one if not the main obstacle for the owner to be able to launch her new business.
The starting point was a reflection about what makes people going to a restaurant beyond eating. The key ideas coming out of this were centered around positivity and fun. We then went on and created a brand that would imprint the space with a warm and playful feeling. The majority of clients coming to Po Pierwsze being groups of friends, they come to share good moments and enjoy delicious food. The key visuals are then very colourful and fun to translate these feelings. The posters displayed around the space reinforce the cheerful mood and the colours visible in the plates. The project being realized during the Covid 19 crisis, it was also very important for the identity to send an optimistic message.

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