With more than a decade of experience working as a Designer and Art Director, I specialise in creating impactful visual experiences. I've had the privilege of working with giants like Amazon or Figma, as well as treasured local businesses. I’m on a mission to demonstrate that powerful design transcends market boundaries.

My expertise lies in sculpting brand identities and user experiences that resonate deeply across diverse audiences. I excel in transforming creative visions into tangible outcomes, ensuring that every project aligns seamlessly with broader business objectives.
Great ideas are what help audiences engage and connect.
Design is the tool helping brands visualy stand out and create a reaction in the mind of an audience.
I specialise in:
Brand strategy
Concept development
Visual identity
Graphic design
Wayfinding systems
Product design
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Books / Magazines
Optical illusions by Sandu Publishing   
Fiera Magazine issue 2   
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