After a few years on the vision system market, the Vision X team found themselves at a crossroad: either keeping things as they were and facing a fight or flight routine to stay alive, or invest to develop the company. Going with the second option, it was the perfect moment to not just roll with the changes but ride them like pros. We embarked on a creative journey to define the new brand from their core values and ambitions for the future.

Regardless of your industry, a strong brand isn't just a showoff; it's a necessity. VisionX's rebrand turned out to be a power move. Being amongst an industry where visual identity and branding are neglected by most, we had the opportunity to set-up Vision X as a one-of-a-kind player. We striped down the company to its core to find-out what they were really made off to build solid foundations for the future.
Being a tech-driven business, they had to go with a fresh new identity that would align with their status of Powerhouse, would feel modern, and dynamic. Their ambition was to disrupt the industry by adopting an image that transpires that special edge they have over the rest of the market.

The outcome? A brand that not only spoke to the world they were going after but also to the companies craving that special energy when choosing a partner to develop custom solutions for them. No more corporate jibberish. The brand became a conversation. Engaging language, bold colours, custom pictures – because who said automation has to be boring? Everything has been thought in order break through whenever any potential client would look them up.

The results were mind-blowing. The staff doubled during the process, followed by an increase of three times the previous year’s revenue. But the real kicker? The client list got quadrupled!
The rebranding wasn’t just about looking cool, it was about being the go-to company for anything vision systems in their market. They are now a strategic partner for companies seeking innovations and custom made solutions.

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