G7 inter office
G7 inter office is an office-service purpose building currently under construction in Lublin, Poland. Part of three story building G7 will provide 3000m2 of coworking space in one of the fastest developing parts of the city.
Having previously launched a similar business years ago, the team at Fereira Construction needed to brand the project early to differentiate them. The proximity of the two sites made it necessary to avoid confusion and explicitly show this new place would be a modern co-working space. Keeping the same brand might hold them back from attracting investors and potential clients. The new brand would help Fereira Construction to reach their objectives.
In order to start the first phase of investment, we created an attractive brand identity that would accompany the advancement of the project. After some exchange, the solution appeared to craft a brand that would speak to an audience in search of a modern office space, but not ostensibly premium. We then developed a design system that would both work on large scale and smaller materials.
Mixing minimalist graphic elements with bold and vivid colours, the brand intends to create a warm and welcoming feeling. The idea was also to develop eye catching materials as they would primarily be displayed on hoardings and flags across the construction site.
Unfortunately a more conservative approach was chosen and taken to production.

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