Kuli is a new ice-cream company from Warsaw, Poland, with the ambition to develop themselves from a local premium ice manufacturer, to a national scaled business. Their products have the specificity to explore unconventional flavours found throughout the founder’s travels all around the world.
The primary goal of this project was to name and brand Kulï (formerly "Warszawskie Gelato") in order start selling their product beyond the B2B market where they were already active. The mid-term ambition for the brand being focused on making the product available in supermarkets, it was important to start developing a brand communicating their influences. We also focused on working around the message they intend to transmit as an ice-cream manufacturer.
Our concept is based on the fact that beyond ice-creams, the founders where looking for a way to share their enthusiasm about discovering new flavours along their travels. The happiness it was providing them was at the center of everything. Thanks to the work previously realised, we created a brand with the aim of projecting a happy feeling. Bold and bright colours are on full display as a reference to the unconventional and multicultural flavours created. There is a slight Art Déco inspiration associated with vibrant elements blending the feeling that Kulï intends to transmit and the premium quality of their product.
While not be able to produce on a large scale yet, Kulï have been expanding their B2B activity. Most importantly, they started to offer home delivery in Warsaw during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing them to start building a new market of customers base before being fully ready to hit the shelves. The reactions from their customers have been very ecstatic and therefore increase brand awareness. Sales have been growing since the day of the launch resulting in a need to increase the production sometimes up to a hundred kilos of ice-cream per day.

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