IT services are a common thing in our world today. To ensure data protection and businesses need a reliable IT partner. With more than 25 years of experience, Henwar is one of the pioneers of IT services in Poland. Our mission was to help communicate why Henwar is the safest choice to handle your business data.
We started the whole process from scratch as the whole team at Henwar was struggling with their current identity: lack of ownership, no sense of belonging, and the list goes on. These different issues have been a recurring problem to retain clients and offer their services to a wider audience. Taking inspiration from the old punched tapes (the early way for computers to represent data) the brand is configured around dotted patterns and divided color blocs as a way of representing data management. This allowed us to create a responsive system working across a full range of materials composing the visual identity.
Since the release of the early new materials, the employees have already started to appropriate themselves the new identity and have come up with ideas for new materials. We have received feedback of renewed trust thanks to the new brand collaterals. In addition to developing the new identity, we have set up a long-lasting relationship with Henwar to work hand-in-hand with them on future projects.

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